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Calgary businesses have taken a major hit in the last 3 years.

The last few years have been rough for Calgarians, and especially for the city’s business owners. Customers were worried about their job security and were scared to spend money beyond basic necessities. There were no new or existing businesses coming in, and many Calgary businesses couldn’t survive.

But, thankfully, many local businesses have survived, and even thrived.

Perhaps you’re the business owner that had to scramble, and hustle, and suffer a few (or more) sleepless nights.

Or maybe you are one of the fortunate Calgary business owners that easily survived these tough years.

Whether you’re in one of these camps or somewhere in between, you made it through one of the worst recessions Alberta has seen since 1982.

Now it’s time to not only survive, but thrive.

Calgary Social Media Management: Grow Your Local Tribe

Calgarians love their social media. Look at how Twitter lights up during a Flames game, or how Facebook stories get shared when local businesses do good in their communities.

If you want to tap in to the city’s spirit online, you need to have a strong presence and a plan of attack to fuel your growth.

Your followers are your sales leads. They are your potential customers. And they are your loyal fans that eventually become promoters of your brand.

You know your target customers are out there, and you know you can reach them through social media. But standing out in the sea of content that gets posted every single minute of every single day can be a difficult task.

And if your target customers do happen to see your post, will it stand out enough for them to be intrigued? Will your online presence connect with them on a personal level? And do your social media posts compel someone to buy from you?

Here’s how I can help bring your startup’s social media game to the next level:

Community Engagement 

Social media is social. I reach out to influencers, plus increase community engagement by talking to your followers.

Follower Boost

The number of followers you have increases consumer trust. I’ll grow your account to have 100+ new and real followers every month. All organic – no bots used here.

Likeable Content

Delight your audience with posts they’ll love, including compelling imagery and highly researched hashtags that target potential leads.

Profile Revamp

Make a bold impression within seconds. I’ll give you an expertly written profile so users immediately know what you’re about and what you offer.

Monitor and Respond

Did you know that people are 30% more likely to recommend you if you respond to them within 20 minutes? Don’t miss out on free advertising.

The Best Time

To make a sale, you need to get in front of your audience and do it at the right time. I’ll post and engage with your users at the time when they’re most active.

You have all the grit + determination for a business, but time for social media management is sorely lacking…

As a business owner, you know how vital it is to have an online presence. But you’re busy with your actual business: sales calls, managing workflows, and all the millions of other hats you wear.

And even your marketer is having a hard time keeping up with regular social media management. She has in-person conferences to attend, traditional marketing tactics to worry about,  and dozens of other vital KPIs to hit every month.

So it’s only inevitable that your Calgary business has backed off of social media management because you’re focused on running your company, and putting out the little fires along the way. When there’s so many things to be done in a day, it’s completely understable.

But neglecting your social media accounts isn’t the answer. You’re missing out on key engagement opportunities that get you new followers and customers. Even worse yet, you’re turning your back on potential promoters of your brand.

Your online presence is your life line to real people who want what you have. Get social media management for your Calgary business to build your brand.

90 Day Results

200% increase in followers

50% increase in website traffic

300+ newsletter subscriptions

25% more customers

Social Media Management: Calgary Edition.

I’ve helped dozens of businesses with their social media management, and I know owning a business isn’t for the faint of heart.

You’ve spent months, years, and maybe decades building up your Calgary business. You know that many businesses do “post it, and forget it” social media posts just to maintain a minor online presence.

But you’ve poured your heart into this, and the usual bland social posts won’t cut it.

So stop guessing what you should do, and start focusing on a tried-and-true social media strategy that focuses on one thing, and one thing only:

Appealing to the people who truly want YOU.

Do you want to grow your startup social media marketing?

Do you want reassurance that I’m not a weird robot?

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