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I’m a social media manager that’s hired to help startups grow their following and engage their audience.

Hi! I’m Sacha, and as you can tell, I’m a social media marketer for startups.

I’m also a startup owner and operator of a blog for nature-loving brides.

Here are some other tidbits about me:

  • I’ve been playing the classical violin since 1988 (that’s not a typo – I’m older than you probably think!)
  • A passion for travel runs through my veins, and I recently completed a 3-month round the world trip.
  • Traveling was wonderful, but I am now happily planted in Calgary, Alberta.
  • I’ve been published on some major websites like and Mirasee.
  • If you’re into Myers-Briggs, I’m an INFJ.
  • In my off time, you can usually find me hiking or reading a non-fiction book.

I think there are two types of people in the world: those who follow their highest excitement and aren’t afraid to iterate on life, and those who live uncomfortable, comfortable lives.

I’ve never been scared of following my highest excitement, and that’s why you’ll see a range of positions on my LinkedIn profile.

I’m happy to say that my latest iteration of online marketing is one that I’m ecstatic about, and I love waking up every day to help passionate business owners.

If you hire me as a social media manager, you won’t be working with a faceless agency.

There are tons of those online, and they all do the same thing – barely research your customers and pump out some generic tweets. If you hire me, you work with me directly and I’ll dive deep into your customer’s mind, understand what makes them tick, and most importantly, tap into what makes them buy.

So why should I hire you?

I’ve helped all types of businesses significantly grow their social media following, from furniture stores to young startups to SaaS companies. In fact, one business’ Facebook following grew by over 200% in 30 days.

I know that your social media builds trust with your audience and increases brand recognition. So that intention and undertone comes through in every single post when you hire me as a social media manager. Plus, a well-placed post can get you the attention of customers you never knew you had.

And when you engage with customers, it increases loyalty – which means they’ll spend more money on you, and you’ll spend less money acquiring new customers.

digital marketing strategist

80% of people said that a company’s social media presence affected their buying decisions. 

If you’re not investing in your online presence, you’re missing out on valuable insights that can skyrocket your sales.

People talk, and they want to know that you’re trustworthy.

And a fantastic way to build trust is through social media. Even if you only have 10 customers, those 10 customers will stay loyal if they can reach you within minutes through social media channels.

Gain customer insights and get more sales with social media marketing crafted just for startups.

Want to get started on your social media?

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