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Plans & FAQ

Need help with social media marketing? Get started today

* The Blast Off Package is based on 5 days of hourly monitoring and responding to basic inquiries from 9am-5pm MST. This does not include full-time tech support or full time engagement.



Is there a contract?

No – I trust that you’ll love my  services and want to continue for months (or years) to come, and the burden is on me to deliver quality work that you’ll love.


That seems like a lot of money just to write a few posts. 

Social media is the face of your company, and that is why I take great care (and time) to write copy, find appealing images, and research the best hashtags specifically for your business.

I also pride myself in not using bots so the social media users I follow and engage with are the ones best suited for your business.

Cheap copy from the lowest bidder and AI can only get you so far 😉 so I’m here to help you connect with the people that are far more likely to buy from you.


I’m pretty sure I can get an intern do this stuff…

Yeah, probably. But let me tell you why an inexperienced intern won’t cut it, and why I’m the best person for the job: 

  1. Social media isn’t just throwing out some posts and hoping for the best – it’s tapping into consumer psychology, testing for the desired behaviour, anaylzing results, and iterating to make improvements. You’d be surprised how vastly different the responses are to a small change in copy, e.g. the word “alluring” vs “beautiful”.
  2. I truly care. I buy into your business, and want it to succeed as if it were my own. For this reason, I qualify potential clients just as much as they qualify me to make sure we’re the best fit for each other.
  3. I bring 8 successful years of experience in financial management, procurement, and marketing to the table which all provide a wealth of context on how I can best appeal to your target audience.

The scientific approach + idea buy-in + wealth of business experience is the reason why I have successfully managed over a dozen social accounts, from multi-million dollar cloud companies and SaaS startups, to local home remodelers and travel agencies. 

Will you require access to my social media accounts?

Yes, I will require your login information to be able to post on your behalf.


I don’t see the exact package I want. What if I want more than 90 posts?

I create custom packages. Contact me and let me know what you need!


I need more than 30 posts and don’t need you to post for me. Can you just do that?

Yes, I can – contact me and let’s talk about what your needs are.


I need help with social media marketing! Can you get started today?

It depends on you 🙂 Contact me and I’ll send you a client intake form. Once you fill it out, I can start posting.

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