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7 Insanely Effective Tips for Twitter Marketing: The Startup Addition

Are you a startup that can’t seem to get more customers?

You’ve invested hours upon hours on social media trying to attract more people, but it just doesn’t seem to be working. It feels like social media is a dead end to marketing online, but you have no idea how else to do it.

Luckily for you, social media is far from dead and it’s better than ever for attracting a new customer base.

Twitter, in particular, is a wonderful online marketing tool because you can talk to anyone, even if you’re not “friends” with the person.

Here are some powerful tips for twitter marketing that will attract an audience that’s hungry for your offer.

Twitter Marketing Tip #1: Use your own image

tips for twitter marketing

Etsy shop owner @Wakaleka uses her own image that demonstrates personality and style

When you’re a startup, people connect with you and your story – not your logo. Post a picture of yourself that represents you and your business’ personality. If you have a small team, take a group picture. You’ll be 10x more likely to get followers if you do.

Twitter Marketing Tip #2: Optimize Your Biography

tips for twitter marketing

It’s all too popular for startups to talk about themselves in their Twitter biography. And why not? You’re proud of your products or services and you want people to buy what you sell.

While it’s good to mention what your company does, you should also include these two pieces of information in your biography to stand out:

1. Mention how you can help your ideal customer

People love to be the hero in their own story, and your Twitter bio should reflect how you can help them in their “journey”. For example, if you’re a home remodeler in Vancouver, you’re better off saying, “get the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted” rather than “we remodel homes in the Vancouver area”.

 2. Your target hashtags

Here’s a twitter marketing tip that many people overlook – hashtags aren’t reserved just for tweets. They can and should be included in your biography so people can easily find you.

Twitter Marketing Tip #3: Optimize your hashtags

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The main point of Twitter is to get in front of your ideal audience, and the way you do that is through hashtags. When a user clicks on a hashtag, they’ll see a curated list of everyone who has used the word or phrase they’re interested in.

A great tool for seeing which hashtags people are searching for is Ritetag. Search for hashtags that you think your target audience would be looking for (e.g., if you’re in the FinTech sector, look up #fintech #cryptocurrency and other related terms).

Ritetag will display related hashtags you can use. The hashtags that are green, meaning it’s trending, or blue, meaning it’s not trending but still popular, are the best ones to use in your tweets. The red and grey hashtags should be avoided because they’re overused and underused, respectively.

Twitter Marketing Tip #4: Use Twitter Cards

tips for twitter marketing

People are visual creatures and the proof is in the stats. Tweets that include images get 18% more clicks, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets in comparison to tweets without images.

To capture the fleeting attention of someone scrolling through Twitter, use Twitter Cards.

It’s an easy tool where you can create simple images to display links to your blog posts, or simply have a visual way to show tweets. It also helps with branding consistency.

If you have a WordPress site, you can install the plugin called JM Twitter Cards. Alternatively, check out Twitter’s guide on creating Twitter cards.

Twitter Marketing Tip #5: Follow and Retweet Influencers

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To connect with businesses related to yours, follow influencers that are active on Twitter (e.g., have posted in the last few days) and share information that your target audience would also enjoy.

So if you’re a photographer, you may want to follow wedding planners and retweet interesting content they post. This serves two purposes:

  1. It helps build quality content in your own feed without having to search for something on your own
  2. The person you retweet will be notified, and if you do this enough you’ll become a familiar and trustworthy face.

Retweeting can essentially become the equivalent of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”. If an influencer retweets you, you’ll get in front of their audience.

Twitter Marketing Tip #6: Tweet 3+ times per day

There have been multiple studies examining the ideal frequency of tweets, and it ranges anywhere between 3 to over 50 per day.

For a small business, 4-5 tweets spread out throughout the day is a great number to shoot for. It will capture your ideal audience at different times of the day, and you’ll also be able to hone in on what time works best for your company.

If this seems like a lot of tweeting, it is! But if you retweet influencers as mentioned above, that will take care of 1-2 tweets per day. You can also find related blog posts or news stories that your target audience would love. This only leaves 1-2 tweets where you post about your own content or a special offering.

You can login to Twitter to write and curate content every day, or use a tool like Buffer that posts your tweets for you at the times you choose.

Twitter Marketing Tip #7: Engage with others

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Don’t forget that social media is social! While it’s great to drum up attention for your small business and get more followers, make sure you engage with people — help them, respond to them, or ask questions.

A often underused tip for twitter marketing is to find people that are interested in your business is by looking up the Twitter chat schedule. Various industries host chats throughout the week that you can join and this will help you bring awareness to your brand and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.


Do you need more tips for twitter marketing? See how I can help you!